1.When should one start Garbh Sanskar ?

The practice of Garbh Sanskar, which focuses on nurturing the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of both the pregnant mother and the unborn child, is traditionally recommended to start even before conception, during the preconception phase. However, it is commonly practiced throughout pregnancy, beginning as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed. Initiating Garbh Sanskar practices early in pregnancy can have a more profound impact on the baby’s development.

2.How to make a baby intelligent in the womb?

To promote intelligence in the womb according to Garbh Sanskar:

  1. Create a positive environment with love and harmony.
  2. Stimulate the mother’s mind with activities like reading and music.
  3. Ensure a balanced and nutritious diet for the mother.
  4. Practice prenatal yoga and meditation for relaxation.
  5. Use positive affirmations and communicate with the baby regularly.
  6. Consider Ayurvedic herbs under professional guidance.