Menstrual disorders encompass disruptive issues that women may experience just before and during menstruation, ranging from heavy bleeding to missed periods and unmanageable mood swings. While many women have regular periods without complications, others may encounter physical and emotional symptoms during their menstrual cycle due to hormonal imbalances and structural abnormalities in the uterus.

Types of menstrual disorders

There are mainly 4 different types of menstrual disorders which includes:

  1. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS): PMS refers to a range of discomforting symptoms experienced by women before their menstrual cycle, affecting two out of five women with severity sufficient to disrupt daily life. Common symptoms include fluid retention, skin issues such as acne, headaches, heart palpitations, infections, allergies, and psychological challenges like depression, anxiety, and irritability.
  2. Amenorrhea : Amenorrhea refers to the absence of menstruation, with primary amenorrhea indicating a lack of menstrual onset at puberty, while secondary amenorrhea denotes the abrupt cessation of regular periods for over three months. This condition can arise due to various factors such as ovulation irregularities, intense physical activity, congenital defects, anatomical abnormalities, or other medical conditions.
  3. Dysmenorrhea: Dysmenorrhea occurs when women endure exceptionally intense and enduring menstrual cramps, distinct from the usual discomfort felt during menstruation.
  4. Menorrhagia : refers to the abnormal occurrence of heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding.

Regular check-ups with healthcare professionals are essential for addressing menstrual disorders, and At Urbanheal, we are dedicated to providing excellent patient care. Our commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare services is evident in the round-the-clock efforts of our dedicated team of professionals.

Menopause marks the natural and permanent cessation of menstrual cycles, typically occurring in a woman’s late 40s. It’s commonly defined as the state following 12 consecutive months without menstruation. Beyond its biological aspects, menopause encompasses emotional and mental changes, often accompanied by stress, anxiety, and hormonal fluctuations. At Urbanheal, we offer comprehensive support, addressing both clinical and emotional needs, to assist women in navigating the transition and embracing the new phase of post-menopausal life

Contraceptive use plays a crucial role in reducing abortion rates and preventing unintended pregnancies, thereby lowering the risk of pregnancy-related complications and mortality. It’s imperative to consider contraceptives if pregnancy is not planned, contributing to reduced child mortality and HIV/AIDS prevention. Continuous innovation in contraceptive methods ensures accessibility and suitability to individuals’ preferences and circumstances. At Urbanheal, we prioritize your contraceptive needs by offering cutting-edge solutions tailored to your requirements, guided by Dr. Kartik Savalia who provide personalized counseling and determine the most suitable contraceptive plan, whether it’s tubectomy, IUCD, or other options, to best meet your and your family’s needs.

At Urbanheal, we proudly provide urogynaecology services, a specialized field within gynaecology dedicated to addressing urinary and pelvic floor disorders in women. The pelvic floor plays a crucial role in supporting the bladder, uterus, and rectum, and any weakness or issues with its structures can result in various problems. These may include urinary incontinence, discomfort in the vaginal area, and other related issues. Urogynaecologists, who are gynaecologists with specialized training in urological problems, offer assessment, investigation, and treatment tailored to meet the specific needs of women facing such disorders.

This specialty deals with the following issues:

  • incontinence in the urine
  • prolapse of the pelvic organs
  • urinary tract infections that come back frequently
  • pain in the bladder
  • pelvic floor damage after childbirth
  • Faecal incontinence 

Exercises and surgery are two possible treatments for urogynecological issues. If appropriate treatment is given at the appropriate time, such issues can be resolved. The sharing of urogynecological concerns is the most crucial part! Since these issues are prevalent, ladies shouldn’t hide them, which is essential for an early remedy.

When you can’t regulate your pelvic floor muscles to urinate or have a bowel movement, you have pelvic floor dysfunction. The pelvic floor essentially wraps around the pelvic bone like a rug to support the pelvic organs, which include the bladder, rectum, uterus, and prostate in men. Urination, bowel motions, and, especially for women, sexual activity can all be regulated by contracting and releasing these muscles. At Urbanheal, our mission is to be an affordable and trustworthy healthcare provider for women.


what are the symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction?
Pelvic floor dysfunction can be detected even though there are no specific symptoms. However, symptoms such as lower back pain, pelvic pain, and discomfort during sexual activity, particularly in women, can be indicative of pelvic floor dysfunction.

what causes pelvic floor dysfunction?
It is crucial to avoid self-diagnosing as they could indicate more severe diseases. Our experts will examine your medical history and note your symptoms in order to get a diagnosis. After the initial visit, our doctor will examine you physically to look for any signs of muscular knots. They’ll look for signs of muscle weakness as well.

what is the treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction?
The majority of the time, pelvic floor dysfunction is fortunately treatable. Relaxing the pelvic floor muscles to facilitate smoother and more controlled bowel motions is the primary goal of treating pelvic floor disorder. We have the best team of physicians and surgeons at Urbanheal Hospital to give you the best treatment possible. 

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a fertility treatment procedure intended to deal with infertility.

It increases the chance of conceiving by injecting specifically prepared sperm into the uterus, the organ in which fetal development takes place. This process is also known as artificial insemination.

IUI Process:

In order to maximize the odds of conception, fertility medicines may be taken before to IUI in order to stimulate egg development along with timing it with ovulation. In order to minimize any possible reactions in the uterus, a sperm wash is performed on your partner’s or donor’s semen sample during the process. The prepared sperm is then sent straight into the uterus using a tiny tube that passes through your cervix. if it is successful.

After fertilization, the fertilized egg installs itself within the lining of the uterus. Usually, the entire procedure takes five to ten minutes, from insemination to completion.

IUI works best for people with unknown-origin infertility and those who have problems ejaculating or with cervical mucus.

Dr. Kartik Savalia fertility specialists at Urbanheal Hospital works with you to determine if IUI is the best choice for your particular situation. From the first consultation to continuous follow-up care, we provide individualized attention and support at all stages.

eauty standards are always changing in today’s world due to fashion and technology developments. Aesthetic gynecology is one field where this change is most clear; it has been increasingly popular in recent years since it improves both look and health.

A relatively new field of medicine called “aesthetic gynecology” allows women to modify their intimate body parts for both functional and cosmetic reasons. It also treats a wide range of medical conditions, including stress urinary incontinence, vaginal tightening, post-menopausal symptoms, vaginal dryness, and recurrent infections. These procedures offer a variety of solutions to meet individual needs and tastes, and they can be non-surgical or surgical.

Modern women are adopting cutting-edge medical procedures to accomplish their desired aesthetic goals as they grow more conscious of their bodies. It’s crucial to remember that aesthetic gynecology greatly enhances women’s reproductive health and functionality in addition to improving sexual function. Furthermore, a person’s perspective of their body has a direct impact on their emotional health; those who accept and love their bodies typically display better levels of happiness and confidence.

Our services for cosmetic gynecology include a range of procedures, such as:

Labiaplasty: The goal of this surgical technique is to modify the labia majora or minora, usually reducing their size while keeping the lip contour constant. There are numerous surgical methods available to get the intended outcomes.

Clitoral Hood Reduction: Also referred to as clitoral hoodectomy, this operation improves both appearance and pleasure by excising extra tissue from the fold that encircles the clitoral glans.

Vaginal Rejuvenation: This surgical surgery addresses concerns like a wider vaginal canal and improves overall comfort and sexual pleasure by combining techniques like vaginoplasty and perineoplasty.

In addition, we provide non-surgical methods like:

  • LASER Vaginal Laxity Treatment: Nowadays, vaginal laxity can be treated using fractional lasers without requiring surgery.
  • RF stands for radiofrequency Vaginal Rejuvenation: Vulvovaginal laxity caused on by aging or childbearing can be treated with energy-based skin rejuvenation treatments.
  • Vulvar Lightening: The hyperpigmented look of the vulva can be lessened with the use of chemical agents or fractional carbon dioxide laser techniques.
  • Femilift, a laser-assisted procedure intended to correct vaginal abnormalities by resurfacing, is one of the minimally-invasive procedures we provide. Many disorders, including as stress urinary incontinence, vaginal tightness, post-menopausal symptoms, vaginal dryness, and recurrent infections, can be treated with this outpatient surgery.

Why Urbanheal?

Dr. Kartik Savalia skilled gynecologists and cosmetic surgeons who specialize in aesthetic gynecology procedures.

Personalized Care: We take the time to listen to your concerns and customize our treatments to fit your specific needs because we recognize that every woman is unique.

Modern Facilities: We make sure that our patients have a safe and comfortable stay by providing them with the newest amenities and technology available. 

Our cosmetic gynecological services can help you reach your objectives, whether they be to reduce discomfort, boost your self-esteem, or improve your intimate health.

For a consultation, get in touch with us right now.

At Urbanheal Hospitals, Dr. Kartik Savalia uterine fibroid experts, laparoscopic and gynecologists surgeons, is highly skilled in managing even the most complex cases of uterine fibroids. With expertise in utilizing advanced laparoscopic we offer minimally invasive uterine fibroid removal surgeries with high success rates and minimal recovery times. Our treatment options include uterine artery embolization, radiofrequency ablation, hysteroscopic myomectomy, laparoscopic or myomectomy, endometrial ablation, abdominal myomectomy, and total laparoscopic or hysterectomy.

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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal imbalance often seen in women of childbearing age. It can lead to irregular or prolonged menstrual cycles and elevated levels of male hormones (androgens). Additionally, PCOS may cause the ovaries to develop multiple small fluid-filled sacs (follicles) and disrupt the regular release of eggs.